It arrived! (and where to start)

My Organelle just arrived (number 4002).

Not plugged it in yet, but really impressed with the build. The keys seem to be much better than on my pocket piano.

Can’t switch it on yet as it was shipped with a US plug.

Also I didn’t come with the classic white USB drive, which is going to cause havok to my OCD.

Can someone with the white USB stick tell me its make and model?

Any advice on where to start, beyond youtube, patchstorage and

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Hi, thanks for your order! RE: the white USB drives: those were custom made for us but we no longer include them with the Organelle or ETC (Our website indicates the color difference).

Information about powering the Organelle in the UK:

This is a good place to start if you’re interested in customizing and/or making your own patches!

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thank you.

What USB to Midi cable would you recommend?
Which one do you use here?