Unable to Delete Folder/File/Patch

Problem with saved new file. From original Phase Vocoder, I saved new Phase Vocoder 2. Then again from this, saved new a Phase Vocoder 3. This third one saved as a folder that says ‘error loading file or folder’ or on organelle ‘no patches found!’.

Also if I try to delete it the Phase Vocoder 3 folder, it won’t delete. If I try to cut and paste to samplers folder, it doesn’t.

I believe in some way this is connected my other problems I’m having (in life? which the organelle has become…oh no).

This seems to be a very simple problem (for those who understand), so I figured it deserved its own topic distinct from my other luddite problems in another post…Thanks for any help!

UPDATE: Without changing anything, I am now able to delete the file. And I believe all other issues (freezing etc.) have been resolved…:slight_smile:

That is good news. Were you using the browser-based Patch Manager?

Yes. Not really sure what happened. In lieu of fixing the problem, I downloaded Pocket Bateria (which is awesome), and then once I transferred that to SD from USB the buggy Phase Vocoder was able to be deleted and then all associated problems evaporated. Happily using organelle again and definitely learned a little bit more about it.