Troubles with favorite folder and save function

I have some problems with my organelle:

  1. I cant save any favorite patches to my favorite list. Does anyone know what to do to solve this??
    Whenever i press add current or remove current nothing happens. for some months ago i added the mellowtron patch to my favorite folder (it sounds fantastic btw!) but after that I could not add any other patches to the folder. I have since then removed the patch from my organelle but still without any luck.
  2. The save function (both “save” and “save new”) does not seem work and my organelle doesn’t store any changes.
    I bought it in October last year and it came with version 3.1.
    I hope that someone can help me :slight_smile: Thanks!
  • Johan

Are you running patches off usb or sdcard?

Favorites are not actually a folder, it’s just a file on the root of the sdcard/usb , you can actually edit it with a text file or delete it if it has a rogue entry.

Perhaps copy it up here so we can see it’s entries , in case there’s a bug, and you can delete it off the Organelle.

Save would need more info, that should just work.
Are you able to install new patches ok? Sounds almost like the filesystem is read only or possibly corrupt?!

If your using a usb stick , I’d say try a different stick that’s been freshly formatted.

Hey thetechnobear!
Thanks for the reply!

  • I am using the usb key that came with the organelle when i bought it.
    One of the last thing i tried before i made this post was to delete the favorite text file on the usb to see if anything happened. But i forgot to save the text, so now i cant remember what the text in the document said. Do you know what to write in the document to get it back on track? :slight_smile:

  • Yes! I have downloaded a lot of different new patches without any problem…
    I haven’t found any way to make a factory reset, but would it be the same if i formatted the usb key and then downloaded all the original patches from the critter and guitari website?

Once again thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

  • Johan

ok, if its the white usb stick, then its known to be pretty unreliable after a while.
so I’d ditch it, and get a new branded one, something like a sandisk.

you should just delete the favourites.txt, then try to add a favourite.

just to be clear on how you are ‘storing favourites’, you need to load the patch
then you can click on ‘add to favourites’ , and it should appear.
(and you can verify by checking the favourites.txt file later)

… really there is not much to it, its just writing that file, and then reading it to display to the user, and allows them to select - if its not working, (and the fact your ‘save’ does not work) really seems to point to the usbdrive.

(only other thing I can think of is if your using some weird names, with odd characters, for folders or patches, but I suspect you would have guess that already :wink: )

factory reset should not be needed, but if you want to, then its just writing the image to the sdcard.
if your going to do this, grab a new bigger sdcard, so you can start storing patches on the sdcard
various posts about this on the forum :slight_smile:

frankly a bigger sdcard (so you can store patches) and a cheap wifi stick (see recommendations) are the best investment ever on an organelle - Im amazed there are people still bothering with a usb stick … I found it so tedious (and error prone) - the wifi/sdcard workflow is so much better imho.