Updating patches via USB

hi - I am new to the organelle. The provided USB stick will not mount to my Mac. I have tried every port. Can I hardwire a USB cable from the alternative USB port into my computer and update that way?

no, you could use wifi if you get a wifi adapter. (see various posts on this) and store on the sdcard

but you can also reformat the USB stick as FAT32 then it should work.
(this is the format it should have been already when supplied, so it should have been readable on your mac)
you can then download all the factory patches from the C&G website, and place on the newly formatted usb stick.

btw: if you have the older small white usb stick, id recommend you replace it, its not very reliable.

If the computer is not seeing the drive at all, you may need to flip the drive over in the computer’s USB port:

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