USB Male A to USB Male A cord

I got a USB Male A to USB Male A cord thinking I might be able to sync the Organelle to my Macbook Pro directly, and OS X thinks the Organelle is a QWERTY keyboard, rendering the trackpad on the Macbook unusable, has anyone else tried this type of cord successfully? I don’t have a mouse, so was unable to verify if I could get past this issue yet w/o a mouse…

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Nope, not yet

What are you trying to accomplish? There might be another way

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Hi, i was trying to sync the Organelle to the rest of my gear, and as i only had one USB to MIDI cable, and that was already being used to go FROM my laptop to a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru, i thought maybe the USB to USB cord would work, since the male A USB port is all there is on the Organelle, and it’s the same USB port on the Macbook.
A couple weekends ago when I first got the Organelle I was fiendishly wanting to sync it up to the rest of my gear, and on Maui nobody had any more USB to MIDI cords on island. (Big shitty part about living out in the middle of the ocean).
So I picked up the USB to USB cable from Office Max thinking that might work.
It didn’t work

I was on Oahu this last week, and bought another USB to MIDI cable over there, and was stoked to sync the Organelle up to everything else, and was bummed to find out that the MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru uses “Passive MIDI Power”, so the M-Audio USB to MIDI cord I bought wouldn’t work in this particular scenario. I’m going to order a Kenton powered MIDI Thru 5 box.
My workaround to sync the Organelle up to everything else was to use my Korg ESX-1’s MIDI thru port, and it’s all synced up now.
“Everything else” being a Pocket Piano MIDI, MFB-522, Korg Volca Sample, Leploop V2, all synced up from the computer running Ableton Live.
Things are getting pretty interesting…
The Organelle is F F F F F-RESH!!!


You have to be careful here. Just because a cable can connect between two USB ports, doesn’t mean it should work or should be done. Those USB A ports provide power, so hooking up two will mean that both are trying to provide power to the other. But more importantly, you are trying to connect two USB Hosts (the Organelle is also a computer). That means that neither will know how to properly communicate with the other. You will need to have USB to MIDI adapters on both ends to get a proper MIDI signal to go between these two.

Ok, Roger that.
I suppose an implementation would be useful in the future, as this could potentially be a simple way of hooking them up together, right?
Appreciate the responses!!

One of the two ports would have to be USB OTG for this to ever work. Think of it as Hosts and Devices. Your laptop and Organelle are both Hosts, and will expect everyone else to be a Device. Your MIDI Controller, mouse, printer, etc. are Devices, and will never start talking to another Device on its own. A Device needs a Host in order to do anything meaningful. USB OTG allows a device, like say an Android phone, to act as a Host if a device is plugged into it, or as a Device if it is plugged into a computer. C&G would have to comment on if there is any USB OTG drivers/hardware/whatever built into the Organelle. But safe to assume it is not.

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