Using an Organelle as a Looping Pedal

I would like to use the original Organelle as a looping pedal for a guitar. Is this is possible? If this is possible, how could I quickly turn off the looping effect without turning off the Organelle completely and still be able to have the guitar play into my amplifier?

You could check out this:

Also this which is based on the above:

Both have looping functionality.


Turning the effect on and off can be done either with a mixer or more conveniently a pedal. Confusingly these are also called loopers or signal loopers and they allow you to connect up both your guitar and Organelle simultaneously to an amp, and switch the Organelle in and out of the signal path. Saturnworks do a wide range of these and they’re very nice people so should be able to advise you which one will suit you best.