Organelle and Loop Pedal

Hello all,

Looking to buy the Organelle to enhance my guitar looping using the RC-300. I was wondering if anyone has had success with a similar setup or if this would work:

Guitar → RC-300:
→ Main line out (guitar no loops) → Guitar Amp → Mixer → PA/Studio Monitors
→ Sub line out (guitar loops) → Organelle → Mixer → PA/Studio Monitors

What I am hoping to accomplish is laying down a guitar loop on the RC-300, and that tempo/transport info is sent to the Organelle sequencers so they are both in sync. With the Organelle and RC-300 synced, I could then add percussion or synths or samples to the original guitar loop with the Organelle, but all loops would be sent to the mixer/PA rather than guitar amp. This way the clean guitar tone is isolated to Guitar Amp. However, the Organelle would technically be in the guitar chain via the Sub Line Out of the RC-300. The reason for this is because I would also like to have the option to use the Organelle effects processing and sampler on the guitar and guitar loops.

Is this possible or am I crazy?


I think a chain like this would work:

However, you would need to edit every patch in pure data to make it work, specifying the output R only for effects, and output L for synth patches.

Also, synth patches would need an “audio thru” in output R

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Hi! Awesome flow chart. Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I was hoping to run the Organelle sequencer independently of the loop pedal loops to have more of a parallel looper rig that is midi synced. The Organelle would be after the looper using the sub output to allow for effects/sampling optionality. I guess to boil it down, does the Organelle midi sync well as slave with something like a loop pedal? I haven’t seen anyone do this on Youtube.

I connected Meris pedals and they sync’d midi clock.

You would need a 5-pin midi to usb in case of the Organelle 1
I don’t know which midi is used in OG-M

Hey! Although I haven’t tried a setup involving the kind of bypass situation for guitar you’re looking at, I have used various patches while synced to my H9 pedal while using the looper algorithm with no issues. Cheers!

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