Using LADSPA Plugins

No wannop is correct you can load other ones I’ll post a few new ones this weekend since we have a new convert

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Starting to get the hang of this a bit. So ladspa is sort of the protocol that allows any related patch to work?
I am so grateful to both Wannop and shreeswifty for your patience.

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Do you know what a vst plugin is? Or perhaps an AU plugin on macintosh is?

:joy: I have some idea, some module to control/alter/generate audio/midi.
So what I was trying to say was now that I have installed ladspa then I could say go to the patchstorage site and download some patches e.g. exaggerator and they would show up and work because of ladspa?

Sort of like patch equals vst/plugin?

Yes! Any of the ones where I say Ladspa required they will work some (like the vintage synth emulations) you need Ladspa and Fluidsynth which hosts soundfonts and there is an installer on patch storage for it too. I modeled my install Ladspa after Owenos installFluid installer.

Finally I got there. But I would be nowhere without your help. Thanks for helping me love my organelle even more! If that’s possible hehe

Have fun! Make cool sounds!

make sure you try the Hammond3 one that one is a LADSPA instrument

That ones particularly good if you have some kind of sequencer to send midi data to your organelle. :slight_smile: what a chill instrument this is

i agree, it sounds really nice with a midi arpeggiator. I use my old Akai midi controller and it’s quite fun

I can’t get the LADSPA patches to work anymore. Recently gone to a partitioned SD card so assume it needed reinstalled but when I attempt this the install just hangs. Any tips @shreeswifty?

you may have to re-install ladspa i assume if you just did a full system upgrade

Thanks for getting back to me. I did try this but the install just hung on “Installing…” so not sure if there is a compatibility issue with the new OS or something?

I’m sure there is. i think most folks who have done the new o/s are comfortable tweaking their systems
did you copy the install to the sdcard/patches folder? maybe installing from there might do it.
I assumed ALL of the patches written prior to 3.0/3.1 would need to be updated in 2018 honestly
fluidsynth & ladspa for sure

the deploy script incorrectly hardcodes /usbdrive and the patch directory, since OS 2.1 , it should be using /tmp/patch

and it will work

(do in and also main.pd)

and that would be a totally incorrect assumption …

Ive been using what is the basis for 3.0/3.1 (TB beta) for many months, all existing patches work fine
the only issue Ive had are some patches hard coding directories, which was unnecessary ever since 2.1, and Ive been advising developers to change for months :wink:

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Thanks @thetechnobear, that did the trick for both fluidsynth and ladspa installs. I know this is basic stuff, but as an earth scientist I am feeling like a coding genius at the minute! Lol

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@thetechnobear sorry i meant Install patches not ALL patches [Fluidsynth & Ladspa]

I’ll use the ZOP for the munger~ stuff and update these soon

Hey everyone! Just received my organelle yesterday. Absolutely loving it. Loaded some different patches and have a a great time with the vocoder.

I did have a quick question about LADSPA, updates and something I read about an extended drive???
I’ll write a quick summary of what I believe I’ve learned. And if someone could tell me if I’m close or not. It would be greatly appreciated.

So from my understanding I can download LADSPA free unzip and just copy it into my Organelle’s USB drive just as I would with a regular patch? And then from there I can put it other patches that require LADSPA like the Hammond one?
Do I need to do anything different since the Organelle has updated?
What is an extended drive? Is it just a bigger USB drive?

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give.