Using LADSPA Plugins


id guess this is reference to using the sd card …
(ive never heard it called an extended drive though)

if so, id say, enjoy the organelle just using the usb stick for now… hopefully a new image will be released soon, that will make it easier to use the sd card, then you can consider this option.

one thing, if you are using the tiny white USB stick that used to come with the Organelle, Id recommend you replace this with a new one from someone like SanDisk ( get a 8 or 16gb one) … the white one has proven quite unreliable for some, and when it fails, it can lead to a frustrating experience.
something like the one C&G now sell (but you can get elsewhere easy enough)

LADSPA, yes your assumption are correct, there is an ‘installer’ which you download and run as you would any other patch (however, once run, it can be deleted)… then you can run patches that say they require LADSPA.
(if your using the usbstick this all should just work, there are issues with the installer when using the sdcard, but as id said, id hold off on that for now anyway)


Wonderful! Thanks for the assistance. This forum has been incredibly helpful. And very much enjoying the friendly nature of everybody.


The LADSPA installer lets you run the 100s of LADPSA plugins. i thought it was being included in the new o/s but with a few adjustments to the installer it works fine and gives you access to a nice variety of classic C based DSP plugins. The one i had the most luck with was
I built a reverb that lets you choose from 60 [ as i recall] IR based reverb room presets




this one has 63 IR reverb rooms.

You need to have LADSPA.

a quick note*** i did not write LADSPA.
Ladpsa is an open source project that really is similar to AU/VSTs in a way that has been superseded by LV2 and other linux formats.

It uses libraries by moocow, bsaylor, iem and hcs

have fun