Using modular to trigger pedal input

Here is a handy and simple way to safely use a gate or trigger from your modular or what have you into the Organelle pedal input, you just need 2 components, a couple of jack plugs, some solder and cable.

You basically want to convert a voltage to close a switch, you could use a relay but this way is probably simpler, cheaper and performance will be better. It is called a V-trig to S-trig converter.

Here is the schematic:

The plug with the transistor (right side of image above) goes into the Organelle pedal input, the plug with the resistor connects to your modular gate.

You need a 2n3904 npn transistor, a 1/4w resistor 4.7k or 10k will work, you can also use this for any fx pedal or other device which uses a footswitch input, like a recorder or various other equipment, I also use these with Korg MS20, Squarp Pyramid, my Tascam recorder and some pedals that I have.

Main thing to get right is the connections to the transistor, here is a pinout for reference:

Probably a good idea to mark the plugs so that you know which one is which.