Trance gate

I wondered if any clever souls has come up with a nice simple trance gate patch? I am half tempted to have a go at making may first PD patch if not… I would hope the principle is relatively simple… a VCA gate which cuts in and out either in a pre-determined patterns (like the Boss slicer pedal etc) or user defined gate pattern using the keys of the organelle… perhaps a little adsr control to adjust the slope of the envelopes… would there be interest in this? for instant Bicep style signal processing of external input… ah yes, would need to BPM synch too to external clock… maybe not the simple first patch I was hoping for!

The Side-Chain patch can do some of what you’re asking:

Download this patch

ah thanks! I’ve not played with that yet… by some weird coincidence - boss just announced this Boss SL-2 Slicer takes synchronised tremolo to new levels of control - -

Tremolo sync patch for Orac could do this too I believe