Connect drum trigger to organelle

Hi, I spent a lot of time reading all kinds of stuff in this forum but couldn’t find the answer to my question anywhere… Maybe it’s so basic no one would need to talk about it :smile:

I want to trigger sounds on the organelle with a drum trigger attached to my tom. So by hitting the tom, sound1.wav on the organelle will play. Is there an existing patch already that does that? I couldn’t find any… If not, maybe someone can help me out? I don’t know PD unfortunately (yet…).

The end goal for me is to have 4-6 triggers that I can all connect to the organelle and have trigger 1 go to sound 2, trigger 2 to sound 2 etc. Is it correct that I can connect maximum 2 triggers directly to the input? For the other 2-4 triggers I would have to go through a audio-midi interface and then into the USB input?

I aprechiate your help!

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If the triggers are just ending audio, you will be limited to 2 because the Organelle only has stereo input. Then you’d need to make a patch to play samples when a trigger event is detected…

if you have triggers that can send MIDI note messages, then you could have many more and it will work right away with many of the Organelle synth and sampling patches.


Thank you @oweno !