Wifi AP Woes

Feel like I’m going a little crazy, here. I’ve reflashed my SD with the latest ROM for the classic Organelle twice and am experiencing the same result. I enable AP mode, attempt to connect, enter coolmusic as the password, and the connection is rejected for bad password. I’ve attempted this on both mac and iOs with consistent results.

I’m able to use my local network fine by updating the network config on a USB, but I’d prefer to manage the device via SD and keep the USB port open. I can’t tell if there’s something obvious I’m missing, but I’m at a loss. Any help would be appreciated.

Ended up going around AP with desktop mode and setting up wifi for my local. That said, I am interested in thoughts on this for future travelers and for my own edification. Can’t fathom what I was doing wrong, but I’m willing to chalk it up to user error.

That is strange… usually I’d suggest trying it from another device to make it isn’t something with your computer, but looks like you tried that. There is a file ‘ap.txt’ on either the USB drive or SD card that has alternative name and pw. (if the file is missing, the default Organelle / coolmusic is used). Do you have this file? maybe it has a different password? (although I don’t know how a file would have got there with a different pw)