WIFI adhoc network between Macbook and Organelle?

Curious if anyone has successfully set up a wireless adhoc network between a mac and a Organelle with a wifi usb stick. I’ve been trying to get my Organelle to connect to my macbook but every time it says “Problem Connecting”. Quadruple checked my wifi.txt was correct and also tried using WIFI channels 1, 6, and 11 to no avail. (Had it working with a standard router previously). Anyone here have any luck with this? I’d love to have a simple, routerless connection between the 2 =)

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Now that is something I also would like to know (network stuff is daunting…)

What is your MBP - macosx @wherearewe? does it have name AND password?

I cannot seem to use a password to create an wireless adhoc mac>Organelle
I’m on latest MBP High Sierra 10.13.4
Maybe @thetechnobear can say something?

@keymanpal & @wherearewe

the easiest way to do adhoc networking is the other way around, make the organelle host the access point (AP)

in the current 3.1 beta, in settings -> wifi there is now an option called ‘Start AP’.

using this, will create a new wifi network called ‘Organelle’, which has the password coolmusic (all lowercase no space)

EDIT: this is in 3.1b4 , now released

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ummmm @thetechnobear no option in the menu … but the *.sh file is in root/scripts?

It was on the latest beta … I think, or perhaps it was on the release candidate which has not been released yet ?!

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I think the later… I have 3.1 b3

Is there a way without that menu?

hmm, probably not simply … I’ll make a build and upload it to patchstorage,

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Thats great!! needless to say that “reverse-engineering” wireless AP sounds awesome! be anywhere and BE connected to the Organelle… hapinesssss :wink:

ok, updated patchstorage to 3.1b4

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Buuum! lighting fast :wink: @thetechnobear I hope the :beer::beers: does not run out :wink:
AND… I’m in - backwards ahaha… that is Organelle - wifi stick is now AP!! MBP connected nicely


@wherearewe Give @thetechnobear https://patchstorage.com/upgrade-3-1beta/ a go and it works great!!


Sweet! Gotta love this community! Ask a question at 2 AM and get a solution before you get your coffee the next morning! Once again thanks @thetechnobear! Looking forward to diving into this once I… finish my taxes :disappointed_relieved:

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Not that it matters anymore, but I was doing System Preferences> Sharing> Internet Sharing> Share Connection from: Ethernet> To Computers using: WIFI. Then in WIFI options you can select Network Name/Password(Security: WPA2)/Channel/etc. This was on Sierra. Might come in handy for…something else? =D