Video Mixer

I have an Eyesy, a rhythm scope and a video scope. What would you recommend to use if i want to be able to mix or go between each devices output? I see switchers online, is there anything that transitions between? Is there a mixer you would recommend or an etsy maker that has a model that could go between 3 devices? I would love to be able to use all 3 in our live setup.

FeelWorld L2 => Goofy name. Great mixer.

That said, it depends on what you want to do. My primary desire is to be able to glitch, mix and blend 2 signals together live. The t-bar and built in monitor on the L2 makes this possible. These features are not available on my next product suggestion, the ATEM Mini Pro ISO which has no physical or virtual t-bar, no built in monitor and only a single monitor out.

However, the ATEM Mini Pro ISO let’s you record up to 4 different inputs simultaneously while also producing a program track with all your live transitions, etc. You can post-edit the whole thing with DaVinci Resolve (FREE).

A big complaint I have with using the ATEM live is that you only get one monitor output that shows either a single input or the multi-view. You can’t send the multi-view to one monitor and the program out to another. I need to be able to preview and glitch my off-air inputs and not show them to the audience until they’re ready. The L2 has a built in monitor that lets me do this and as mentioned before, I can blend 2 signals together using the t-bar.

I have both of these units and the ATEM is just sitting in its box doing nothing while the L2 get’s all my live love. I’ll for sure eventually get around to using the ATEM. The ability to have recordings of all 4 inputs plus a program out recording and then being able to post-edit will eventually come in very handy but I’m more concerned with live right now. This feature is only available on the ISO model(s).

BTW, I’m using the Eyesy and a Sleepy Circuits Hypno and a c920 webcam with the L2 and it produces some freaky deaky video!

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Thanks for sharing all that info about your setup! We ran across the FeelWorld stuff the other day and I was wondering how it would work with the EYESY, good to hear you have had success.

Also the Roland V-02HD seems nice, it has a preview output and simple interface, but only 2 inputs. The USB-C streaming could be very convenient for recording to computer.

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They (FeelWorld) have a really good series of videos covering many aspects of filming and production (lighting, camera angles, editing and more). The narrators English is very difficult to understand but once you get used to parsing what she/he/they are saying, the content is super informative.

I looked at the Roland unit but need more than 2 inputs.