MIDI Footswitch Help!

Heya! I am a frequent ETC user and am still getting acclimated to the EYESY. I’m very very new to MIDI functionality and that seems like the biggest hurdle for me getting going with the EYESY. (Along with not knowing literally anything about coding.)
I’ve been trying to figure out a good footswitch situation for the EYESY, so I can use it a little bit more like the way I have been using the ETC.

With the ETC I would program a bunch of scenes for a set list, know where the changes are in the songs, and tap the footswitch when it was time to go to the next one - I guess kind of like a powerpoint presentation almost?

Would a footswitch like the new Matthews Effects “Futurist” be able to do something like that?The Futurist Controller - Matthews Effects

There’s a lot of info and it seems like it does a lot but my limited MIDI vocabulary is making it a lil tricky for me to decipher if this has what I’m looking for.

Also I should be clear, I want to learn and I want to be able to use the EYESY to it’s fullest ability, MIDI, Code and beyond - I’m just at the very beginning of my journey.