Chroma Issue with Panasonic Vid Mixer

Hey all, I love my Eyesy but can’t get it to play nicely with my Panasonic WJ-MX50A video mixer. The RCA output is in vibrant color when plugged directly into a CRT, but loses the chroma signal when routed through the mixer. Other color video sources routed through the mixer work just fine. Is this a setting on the Eyesy? Do I need a converter? I have no idea why my Eyesy doesn’t come through in all its colorful glory. Any and all leads welcome!

The WJ-MX50A has many composite inputs, right? Do you get the same monochrome image from all the inputs?

Yes, the image is monochrome across all inputs. All inputs are in color with other sources, just not the Eyesy.

(Actually, I had this same problem with the ETC as well, but I had attributed that to my HDMI-to-composite converter.)

Is the mixer expecting an interlaced NTSC signal?

The composite signal is generated by the rPi and there aren’t many settings available to change - you can see what is available in the sdtv_mode section: Video options in config.txt - Raspberry Pi Documentation

Can you try running the EYESY’s composite signal into and then out of another device like a VCR? It might make enough of a difference.

Great idea, but still no dice. Routed through the VCR the Eyesy still shows in B&W.

Looking into the config.txt link you sent, maybe there’s some insight there.