Video synthesis?

This is probably a dumb question but would it be possible to use the Organelle for video synthesis like the Rhythm Scope or the Video Scope?

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Not dumb dude. I’d really like to know more on this too

Continuing the discussion from Max/MSP - HDMI Out:

owen said in that thread “video synthesis poses some special challenges, and we haven’t begun to investigate using the Organelle for video synthesis yet, although it should be possible in theory.”

that was a few months ago though. I just got organelle today and haven’t even begun to think of trying to understand pd, so I can’t honestly offer anything as far as answers go, but I’ve kinda figured u would just need to get the os to know how to play video but it would be a whole bunch of crazy rewriting at a level idk if any one is really going yet…

How does the videoscope work anyway? It analog?

beyond c&g scope emulation/replication i’d love some control over wireframes or 2d vector graphics

e.g. from 10:00 onward

or this

(perhaps too advanced for pd/gem?)