Vector Synthesis

Hi wondering if anyone knows if Derek Holzers [vectorsynthesis] PD Lib ( could work on the organelle?
I currenly use it for Oscillographics on osciloscopes and a vectrex.

Many thanks

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Really not sure if correctly understand what this library does (does or doesn’t it require GEM?). Maybe elaborate a bit and then possibly I or someone else can be of greater help.

But generally speaking: the organelle uses a specific set of (very basic) instructions to display graphics, so if you could translate from one in to the other, then yeah maybe it could work.

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Hi thanks for getting back,
Its a PD Library for converting vector graphics to audio for output
on external vector scopes displays and xy scopes.
Its not for the organelles internal display, the organelle would be running
the pd patch which converts vectors into sound and outputting the audio from the patch.

I need to read up about the organelle and what its Pd abilities are,
im just 1 month in with mine :wink:

So pretty much a wavetable synth? If so, then I don’t see any general problem. Looking at the files on GitHub everything seems to be *.pd abstractions (and no externals), so that shouldn’t be an issue either.

Regarding the Organelle’s PD capabilities: Whatever you can do with PD vanilla (audio) you can do with an Organelle.

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aye wavetable :wink: that makes it easier.
ok thanks for that, ill invest some time into this soon,
good to know its worth a punt. If i have any good results ill post em.

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You can use the Holtzer library straight out to HDMI monitor / tv or projector.

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Hi, have you tried it? was wondering about the sample rate for xy scopes.

Hi no, I haven’t yet. I have it on my list of TODOs