Vintage Synth Series: Neuron Synth: discontinued

Neuron is discontinued and will be replaced most likely by Waldorf Microwave XT Emulation

Oh no
I just came here to download it, I was very excited about this.

Patrick, I really appreciate your work for this community, thank you so much! I wish Neuron gets back to life.

Thanks man! :v:t4:

i will make you a special version

Here is the limited edition Neuron Synth. There are only 13 presets for this synth, they are quite large and sound good with some tweaking.
This edition has bonus Filter Frequency & Sequencer Speed Controls on Page one. I am Removing the Dial in Bank Select for these synths it sounds horrible and leads to crashes because the Organelle cannot load the Soundfonts that quickly

This Has ADSR ON/OFF, REVERB ON/OFF and SEQUENCER ON/OFF all handled by AUX Buttons on different pages and AUX1 loads the soundfonts.


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Patrick, I just downloaded, thanks so much!
Also, there is a patch which you called your fastest created which is awesome! Bufflrshuflr rocks. Thanks on that as well. :notes: :space_invader:

oh hahah. Yeah, i was talking with someone and looking at the specs for the freeze module or something and i thought it sounded good for a stutter effect …



Any chance the Neuron Synth will ever make a return?

Cross your fingers and Behringer will probably find a way to make and sell it for $500

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