Vocal harmonizer? (Collier, Bon Iver)

I tested the Uneventide with a clarinet, and simulates a wind section, sounds trombonish. It’s a really cool patch.


sounds really nice with clarinet!

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I am going to be updating and adding some features to uneventide this week, better menus and whatnot coming soon!


So excited!! Hope you are considering to make it respond to the keys!
Really have missed that on my Organelle :slight_smile:

Where is this patch at?! Any MIDI implementation yet?

Sidenote: is there an ‘autotune’ patch for the organelle yet?

I don’t think it needs MIDI it’s a harmonizer effect that has soundtouch~. What do you envision Midi doing?

Don’t think it really needs to apart from note messages (keys) and knob cc’s which I think get sent to organelle in any patch. This patch sounds dope - did you find the source of that delay effect on voice one of the harmonizer @shreeswifty? Do you think it would be possible to map the voices in the same way they are in C&G’s Granular Freezer Patch too?

When we last spoke you said you hadn’t tried the patch out yet.
The way the keys work is that middle C is unity, all other keys are pitched chromatically from there (low c is an octave down etc.).

There is Dry/Wet Control which could stay for your patch. (This could be very cool to sweep in and out while holding a chord)
There is a latched and unlatched mode enabled with the Aux Button. Your patch could have 4 voice polyphony, but have the option of using just one, two or three voices depending on how many keys in a chord are being pressed. Let me know how much work this requires, I might be asking the world. (Gonna increase my donation later tonight I hope)

This was my sorta thinking for how the keys could work in a vocal harmonizer patch. For desired tunings and chords outside this range, perhaps an external midi keyboard or midi sequencer would do the work. This seems to be the kind of setup Jacob Collier uses (midi keyboard).

ok I am going to make an earnest effort on this tomorrow, i promise. I just finished a commission this morning so i gotta go outside for a while …lol I will look at that other one and see what i can cough …borrow


@shreeswifty i was just wondering about having MIDI to control which harmony notes are played. is that still part of the plan? it would be cool if you could sequence MIDI notes into this patch. i send MIDI chords out of ableton to a voicelive.

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Haha yes rest yourself man. Have an ice cream!

Is it too late to ask if the patch is now configured to be used with an external MIDI keyboard controlling the harmonies?

Thank you!

It is not but I want this too. Gonna try to figure it out soon :slight_smile:
I think the pitchshift in C&G’s 13FX will work. 8 voices/instances of pitchsift with note values sent from organelle keys to each (pretty sure organelle could handle that, maybe there’s a less CPU heavy way? An Attack and Release on each voice. I’d like it to be really simple to use (and make). Maybe just a one page patch with Reverb Wet/Dry and Size.

I feel so energised by these tutorial vids! It ain’t gonna be easy but I’m gonna try.


If I’m understanding correctly this might have some potential coding crossover with what I was thinking of trying to add to infinite jets (post PD apprenticeship…). Pitch shift with values locked to organelle keys. Kinda like how I sometimes dial my sp555’s fx presets as 16 different pitches that can transpose audio thru so you can ‘play’ pitch via the pads… Good luck with it :slight_smile:

Edit - I think for the infinite jets one it should hopefully be possible to have only one instance of pitch shift and keep it monophonic in terms of transposition. Guessing making it poly like you’re talking about for this patch would prob be too heavy on cpu on top of the I.J code. Hopefully it’s possible in one way or another tho… Need to do me some learnin…

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I’m pretty new to PD but I’m really looking forward to build a good MIDI controlled harmonizer suitable for live performance as well as studio usage so keep me informed of your progress!

Well, after having a bit of a go I don’t think the pitch shifters i’ve seen so far will really quite do the trick in recreating the bon iver/yeezy/especially not collier type sound I’d like to hear. The pitches aren’t constant enough. However, i’m gonna finish it anyway because I think it could be a cool wibbly wobbly alternative.

I started this patch for a clarinet player that was using it for a gig and she used it and was a patreon supported for a few months then dropped off. I am very happy to see Wannop and others extend these patches as that is exactly what i had hoped for. But if you want this one developed more deeply you can contact me or join the patreon for a custom commission. I am not trying to be mercenary jsut got a month or so of huge vet bills until things level out again.

So I am currently developing pedal emulations and Infinite Jets already got the -2/+2 pitch shifter added to it yesterday but other than bug squashes it is relatively complete.

I also emulated the Red Panda & the SuperMoon reverb, all of which can be modified at your liking to react to MIDI, just know that adding complete midi control to some of these patches takes time and patience but the opportunity is there that if you truly want to hop in --picking a patch you really want to use yourself is a great motivator for sure and ultimately rewarding

Hi anybody know how to compile the object in order to remove those click even if increasing the latency. i tried to take off the // from the .h file but nohing happened…

i don;t know what you are referring to. Compile what object? What click? This patch was re-written because of the latency problems and i fear you have gone donw a rabbit hole changing // which are usually comments in a header file is not going to get an external to compile most likely.

but your post is more than a little vague

Yes sorry i ll explain better if you open the original soundtouch~.help by katja and you go to the subpatch Click and Latency she/he says that the SoundTouch C++ library offers a preprocessor definition to prevent clicks when changing pitch factor and it’s called
PREVENT_CLICK_AT_RATE_CROSSOVER and contained in the STTypes.h. file.
It will remove the click when passing from <1 to >1 but improve the latency. I’d like to get that result .
tell me if you got it ?
Thanks for the immediate reply

let me check
soundtouch~ needs to be re-compiled for atom for sure. i would not fool with the headers until you get a successful build on atom though