Vocal harmonizer? (Collier, Bon Iver)


that binary is compiled for -msse and dynamic linking which may be a problem as well

this was compiled today for atom, that original vocal harmonizer is/was a quick patch
i think you can start fooling with your header files now and you might make out better


Ok understood I don’t think I’m going to fool with the header files I thought it was much easier to recompile it ( really just changing the //). She made it easier in the help file and and somewhere she had the PREVENT_CLICK_AT_RATE_CROSSOVER version but just didn’t wanna to include in the binary version.
So in the end in the patch I’m developing and that I will share soon I will pitch down or up my voice following the keys pressed but I won’t pass through 1 unless I first release the key pressed so i won’t hear any clicks
Don’t know if you got the difference,
anyway i will lose a bit of freedom from the plugin


whatever works for you of course, i do not think i am following because it’s idiosyncratic to whatever piece you are working on/with. I will say that you “should” see a little bump in response now that i have re-compiled the the soundtouch~.pd_linux but also remember that ALL the externals in this situation for++ and click~ are working together for this not just the soundtouch~

Also i think katja [and i cannot speak for her certainly, but if i might hazard i think her main Operating system is/was windows, i can ask her but you may also want to inquire with Olli Parviainen
It’s never just one thing in my experience

Good luck i hope your patch sounds nice


Did you take this video down?!? I loved the sound!


Hi! Yes I deleted like a month ago.
I wish this patch project would had continued!


this patch was updated with midi control and 4 voices as i recall