VSS30 Organelle Patch

Hi there folks,

Hope you are doing well? I am a big user of the VSS30 but it keeps crapping out on me. I am looking for a patch that does a similar thing to the sample function on a VSS30 as well as a few like FM Casio/Yamaha type sound (strings/organ/brass). Any thoughts on this? Do these kind of patches exist, can find anything tagged as such. In terms of the sampling I just want to be able to play in some audio and have the same sound pitched across the keyboard at like 8 bit with an AR amp envelope?

Any help of advice is greatly appreciated,

Kind regards M

The Basic Sampler patch that comes with the Organelle does something similar. Check it out here www.organelle.io. Also the Nori Sampler patch and Sampler Style patches allow for recording or adding your own sounds…

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The basic sampler and Nori sampler indeed work for this kinda stuff, however so far i havent seen a patch that have sequencer on top of it