Yamaha VSS-30 Patch?

I know there are a few FM Synthesis patches out there, but none of them seem to have the same vibe or effects capability as my Yamaha VSS-30. I am wondering, does anyone with knowledge of PD have an idea if the same effects capabilities from a VSS-30 can be achieved on the Organelle? I think it would be an amazing patch addition to the Organelle if anyone could pull it off, and I would gladly donate to or help fund the development of it. Basically it would be a simple sampler that has attack, decay, sustain, fuzz and release for effects, and then a way to reverse or U-Turn the samples. I admittedly know nothing about PD, so if this is way to difficult, then I apologize for wasting peoples’ time, but I thought maybe, just maybe, someone in this group could pull it off. Thanks!

I can make one

Really? That would be awesome! Just let me know what I can do to help make this happen. I was already planning on giving to your Patreon, but if there is a specific level of giving that would allow this to happen, let me know and I will pay that. Thanks so much! You are the guru de la Organelle!

Yes, i think if you do some of the research yourself we can work it out, please take a look and feel free to message me
be well!


Hey Patrick, did you and maykeit1 ever get anything going with this? I am super interested.

Hey did this ever proceed? I am so insanely interested.