What have folks connected to make sounds?

Hello fellow sound explorers,

I was just wondering what kinds of stuff have you used to make sounds with particular patches thus far? In addition which patches do you like using to do so? Thus far, I have played with a water bottle and singing bowls. Let me hear your ideas.

Thank you,


which patches sound good with a water bottle? and, how do you get your bowls to sing? mine just sit there with gaping open mouths.

they just need a little verbal encouragement, andy. sometimes that’s all it takes! :tongue:
ive been using a piezo and kalimba with audiotomidi, synths and effects in orac recently.


my organelle is connected in between my guitar pedals, where it acts both as audio processor as well as noise maker/looper.

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another organelle :wink:

I like to connect an old walkman, pull in some random fm radio and/or some thrift store tapes. Just a few seconds worth, typically.

Have also slapped piezo -> quarter inch kits onto a thumb piano and other random acoustics.


Piezo microphones are your ultimate friends. However you can use a microphone as well. Any patch that plays well with water bottles will do.

Nice! I use a Library of Congress C1 (it has the abalities to change the tapes speed.) and put homemade tape loops (Enya turns into some great loops) and other tapes I gather from various sources including the thrift store. The thumb piano works out beauitfully.

Which pedals have u used? I have used a Roland Space Echo and some delay.

I am quite fond of stacked delays and pedals that sound un-guitar like the EHX superego and bitcrushers/filters like the Meris ottobit jr or the red panda’s Tensor.


Hi Andy,

Sorry for the delay. I have used singing bowls ( Nepal bowls..) and a water bottle really works with any patches. It was just an experiment in sound. However I am not remembering off hand which one I used. I have a file of it somewhere. What are things you have used as of late with your Organelle?

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I have used the Kalimba myself too and have to say its been bad ass. In the next coming days I would like to try a jawharp. What other endeavors have you been liking as of late?

Peace, love, and hair grease,


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I like routing audio through the organelle from my daw and then back again. often with arturia softsynths or vcv rack. Some of the effects patches use keys as well as knobs which makes them super playable and easily made expressive. Fun to run passes of something laid out in Live through organelle and record your effects playing.

DOPE. Sorry about the tardiness. All the best.