"What's that sound?"


A topic for that moment you hear a certain sound in some music and wish to OWN it.
Share examples of sounds or processes, where you are not sure how they are produced. When we know the processes - we can build patches around around it.
(Basically this is a selfish topic which I would feel better about if other people joined in)


I hear this shrill organic synthy sound a lot in some of the music I listen to. Mostly stuff like Arca or Amnesia scanner.
Anyone know the processes involved in producing this sound? I like it.


Cool thread idea. On phone speaker I feel like I can hear a kind of woodblock/flute-esque synth patch/sample with a ton of reverb (possibly spring reverb?). Dunno if that helps or is accurate in any way!? Will try to listen on headphones later…


after watching the ableton add I’m pretty sure it’s their new Wave Table Synth.


I was afraid of that. Can’t buy it, at least for a good while. I sounds like a super low fi sound going through a hi fi reverb - but I’ve no idea what sound. I’ve heard similar many places before so perhaps a synth like Iris 2?


i made a nice Wavetable Synth months ago i forget what i named it though.
it gets that fluffly pads and you can tweak the bits if you want to get it crunchy


i don’t believe you, you must prove it :wink: