Where is the latest mother.pd for patching in PD on desktop?


Been searching around to find the latest mother.pd to support Organelle patch dev on desktop PD.

The version on PatchStorage yields this error when I try to open Arp-III:

.. couldn't create
/root/version: can't open
/root/version: read failed
sL1:: This Patch requires
sL2:: OS version 3
sL3:: or higher.
sL4:: Visit organelle.io
sL5:: to update.
expr divide by zero detected

If you have a USB-WiFi adapter you can use VNC for remote patching:

Thank you, this is handy!

…but I’d still like to be able to work on patches without having to carry the Organelle around.

Aside: There doesn’t seem to be a centralized Wiki for these things…