Yellotron - A Mellotron for the 201 Pocket Piano

Hey all, just put up a new patch on patchstorage. It’s a mellotron!

This is still being worked on, so if anyone comes across anything in the patch they think should be addressed feel free to reply to this post. Currently my next goal is to work out the kinks in the sample selection to allow for smoother transitions between sample sets (a la segmenti).


I just want to say how much I’m enjoying the Yellotron, having now clambered over the initial stumbling block of the synth producing total silence. That was caused by my not R-ing TFM, which clearly says that you have to manually download the samples from Leisureland’s site and place them in the appropriate folders. The samples are gorgeous.

For the benefit of any other newbies, if you initially get a wobbly “confused bee” sound out of the Yellotron (as I did), then you have the “motor quality” parameter set to some non-perfect value. Hold Shift and move knob 3 to the 12 o’clock position to set it to high quality, minimal wobble.

Thank you for making this!

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Thanks for the kind words @crackedPot ! Glad you’re enjoying Yellotron! :slight_smile:

One other thing about the samples that should be noted is that they are 44.1kHz, meaning that they will be slightly off-pitch when played back on the instrument. It’s only by a couple cents, but if this bothers anyone it’s a relatively simple fix. Import the samples into your DAW of choice (you could use audacity for this, which is free) and then export them at 48kHz. This is the sample rate used by the 201PP.