C & G Midi controller for the Organelle


I used this sentence in the MIDI-Config.txt file and it is always 1 in 1 out. I already tried with 4 different controllers.

Hahaha true that! Me bad hombre :smile:
Thanks man, and happy holidays :christmas_tree:


if you want 2 in , 0 out
then it’ll be something like
alsaconfig 28:0 128:0 28:1 128:0


I tried that but didn’t work


Ok this will probably be because you 2nd controller has a different id . Run my diagnostics patch and post results.


diag_log.txt.zip (4.1 KB)


ok, my 3.1 beta should allow for multiple controller using alsa
Id appreciate if you test it ‘normally’ first, then once all is ok, I will explain how to configure for multiple devices.


important note: as from this beta 3.1, MIDI-Config.txt is no longer used/needed.

btw: for reference when we get there, the important details are, remind me at that time :slight_smile:

28:0 nanoKONTROL Studio nanoKONTROL Studio MIDI 1
32:0 nanoPAD2 nanoPAD2 MIDI 1


Thanks Technobear, 3.1beta going smooth :dark_sunglasses:

I’ll wait for that explanation when you got the chance, of course.

Kudos :+1:


Oh, I’m in line also :wink: @thetechnobear
(combine more then one USB input controller)


@chkbeto Good news! Check here
How to : Advanced Midi Setup (3.1)


Thanks man :hammer:


What?! That’s awesome!! I’m apparently way behind on Axoloti news these days… Thanks for the catch up!


I don think you should expect it to arrive anytime soon. But I could be wrong…


i’m good at holding my breath! been holding it for Op-Z about a year now. …a bit blue in the face, but I think i’ll make it!