Gamepad / HID MIDI controller for Organelle!

Hello, all! I’ve created a patch that allows you to plug any HID device (in my case, a wireless Logitech F710 controller) into the Organelle, routing the messages out to MIDI to control any device. It is SUPER powerful and fun! An xbox controller gives you 6 analog axis and a TON of buttons, plus you could also design your own controllers, the only requirement is that it is HID! Check it out :slight_smile:


Totally awesome. I want.

this is incredible

i have a usb 360 controller already for another (non pd) app

eager to try messing with this

Great work, thank you!

Would this also work with a Nintendo Wii, assuming that I can pair it with the Organelle using a bluetooth adapter that works with Linux (any ideas on this?)

Yep, I’m sure it would work, as long as the driver provides HID. So, worst case, you might have to compile something. But the xbox controller driver works out of the box, and I’d bet the wii one does too

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I am back after almost 4 years and not having tried a joystick with the Organelle. How do I find out the manufacturer numbers for the joystick I have?

Hi! :slight_smile: I sold my organelle years ago, but it’s linux. It should say when you connect it, from the console try typing “tail -f /var/log/messages”, then connect it, you can also try lsusb or lshw or demidecode