FFTease & Lyon Potpourri Instrument


I spoke with Eric Lyon and he’s not going back to that code so we are on our own, i assume. i DID find a bunch of new code that we can fool with after of course i try to make the Splitbank~ thing for Anttumad unless they are already making it. It’s a nice spectral filter and will really sound nice if i can get it working

I am going through the Montreal Pure Data Club’s code and trying to extract some fun things from it. affectionately known as “mtl” i assume for montreal there is some fancy cool code that works on vanilla pretty well.

i have a spectral morphing waveshaper that is sounding kind of cool kind of like an emulation of the Synthesis Technology 350 Morphing terrarium. I also have another Better -er granular synthesizer and a traditional modular-esque synth with nice delay on the desktop. I shit the bed again today with some code that works fine on the computer and nothing on the organelle. I cannot figure out why so on deck is::

Euclidean sample player sounds nice with drums and drones
Random Sampler – i think this one may be fun it chooses from a folder and randomly loads a file(s) could be fun for MIDI too
Xsample/Xgroove etc…


Thanks a lot Shreeswifty!


XSample? are you porting externals over?

main reason I ask about that one is that I built my first patch today - just a really rough go at the frippertronics setup I’ve been using for making music - I quite like the idea of a super portable setup with the iPad and Organelle. Does what I wanted but needs to be done properly now :slight_smile: - I think xsample might help

Question in general - I wrote externals many years ago when I was a PD user (mjlib - still kicking around I notice) - how do you compile them for the A9 on the Organelle? any pointers to getting a build environment setup?


I use https://github.com/pure-data/pd-lib-builder for the templates for my makefiles, as its got windows/mac/arm support, so I build on a mac, then once I’m happy I transfer them over to the Organelle and compile there.
externals are generally pretty small, so its generally not really worth the effort to setup a cross compiling environment.
Organelle already has build tools installed, but its useful to have a wifi network setup, so you can do things like git pulls and be able to ssh into it.

if you are converting existing externals with makefiles for arm you want to add

-march=armv7-a -mfpu=vfpv3 -mfloat-abi=hard

(and obviously move any x86 specific flags)

its all pretty straightforward really, not rocket science :slight_smile:


“Organelle already has build tools installed,” Ah! wasn’t expecting that

“but its useful to have a wifi network setup, so you can do things like git pulls and be able to ssh into it.”

Yep - wifi usb coming tomorrow and I’ll be able to work on the Organelle. I like a rapid build/test environment so will be better

thank you!


Did you get the lyon stuff compiled? you should also check out else really cool chaotic oscillators


BTW, you need to have the resulting lyonpotpuourri.so in the patch folder when you make patches



Anyone able to re-up Bashfest4 please? Link above is dead and can only find v3. The newer midi stuff sounds useful…


Search for BASHFEST_BASTARD on patchstorage and follow the instructions there. Runs a bit smoother, uses midi, a pattern randomiser and if you go a bit deeper following the instructions in the comments on patchstorage you can create your own bespoke sample packs.


Cool, thanks. I think I already have that patch but IIRC it caused me to not be able to exit to menu/Shutdown my unit last time I tried it and I had to pull the psu :confused: can’t remember if that was before I switched to new usb stick tho so I’ll test it again.


Bash bastard working fine now :slight_smile: Problem before must have been down to the USB stick issues I had initially.