480p Compatability From EYESY HDMI Output


   I'm looking at getting a Roland V-4EX video mixer.  Most of the HDMI inputs only support 480p.  Will the EYESY be able to send send at 480P over HDMI?  I see in the Manual that it supports 720p & 1080p,  but many digital devices are able to convert to 480p when needed.

Wanted to know before I drop $900 on a video mixer that may not work with my new toys.

Thanks in advance.


The EYESY can operate at 480p, but there isn’t an easy way to set it from the device… Currently the only way to change it is by changing the config.txt file on the boot disk.

You can make this change manually by taking out the uSD card in the back of the EYESY and then putting it in your computer using a card reader. You should see a disk called boot. Then you can replace the file config.txt with this one.

config.txt (1.9 KB)

Upon re-installing the uSD card (be careful not to drop it into the device!), the EYESY should boot to 480p. You can rename the old file before replacing it if you want to revert the resolution back to the standard 720p.

also it’s worth to notice that V-4EX is accepting 720p signal via HDMI and will do the necessary downsampling (it’s SD device in it’s core).