How to change EYESY’s HDMI default output resolution (1280 by 720)

I saw a discussion about changing the config file to force 480 resolution (looks like suggestion was to commenting out the lines for framebuffer:

#uncomment to force a console size. By default it will be display’s size minus

In my “hacky” thinking all I needed to do was change those values to 1920x1080…which I did, but I am not sure it worked (my Elgato video capture device sees the input signal as 720 … maybe an Elgato issue) but wanted to know if this is where I would change the “Default Resolution” for the Eyesy.

I understand that some MODE codes would need to be updated as well.

Thanks for the help.

It looks like these numbers are for the console size which is not being displayed on the EYESY.

To change the HDMI resolution you want to use the hdmi_mode paramter in the config file. A list of the modes can be found here:

I think on the EYESY hdmi_mode=4 for 720p by default.

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Thank you! Great info. I would never have found that on my own. I will test it out and report back.

UPDATE: Yes, can confirm (even with Elgato Game Capture) that changing mode to:
Does output 1080p 16:9

I was worried about the NOTE at the end of the Pi Documentation:

“There is a pixel clock limit. The highest supported mode on models prior to the Raspberry Pi 4 is 1920x1200 at 60Hz with reduced blanking, whilst the Raspberry Pi 4 can support up to 4096x2160 (known as 4k) at 60Hz.” - but this didn’t seem to be the case…I thought Eyesy was a Pi3 but perhaps it is a Pi4 after all? (I bought mine in 2022)

I noticed that hdmi_mode=65 is for “custom” - does that mean we could output any ratios we’d like? Say 1:1 perhaps? Any idea how that would be notated in the config file?

Thanks again for the help!

EYESY is using rPi 3.

Not sure about the configuration for hdmi_mode=65. This is a question for the rPi forum(s)!

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