5 Moons & Eurorack

Since 5 Moons manual describes it being used with Eurorack, does it mean the audio IO can handle eurorack level signals (10Vpp, or -5V to +5V) without clipping - or damaging the device?

(The specs don’t mention the signal levels for either input or output.)

I recalled seeing this† a while back; not sure if it totally answers your question, but just in case:


Can it handle modular level signals?

C&G A:

Hi, sorry for the delay & thank you for your interest!
Yes: 5 Moons can record audio from eurorack. However it can’t record CV.

(nitter archive link bc it’s viewable without login & spares a visit to the website that got turned into a corny alt-right fascist platform by the richest man in the world)

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It does, thank you!

(So not DC coupled, but able to handle high signal levels.)

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