Some tracks with 5 Moons

Don’t know if it’s okay to just post tracks/recordings/music in this subboard? Seems like i’d be the first one, but couldnt see a more fitting board directly.

Recording is all my small AE Modular rig straight into 5 moons. Recorded five layers seperately, and have one layer playing on top. All recording by using the bounce down :slight_smile:


Don’t want to spam the channel with new posts, so I’m just gonna leave this here…

Five loops from my small AE Modular recorded with five moons, with a sixth live moon on top.

I’ll just keep going if you dont mind me… :smile:

More experiments today. Recorded five different sinewaves into the Moons. Slowly fading them in out for some different rhythms/textures. Adding live noise as it goes on.

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New day, new experiments. This time trying the classic sequence ‘phasing’ technique from the old minimalist masters. Recording three times almost exactly the same short loop. The three loops fade out of ‘phase’ slowly, creating new rhythms. Some extra noises/drone/plucks stacked on top with the extra moons. What a machine this is… :revolving_hearts:


Been a while, but I had fun recording this one while on holiday. Trying to recreate the sea sounds and vibes with a tiny tiny AE Modular and Five Moons.


Had a fun weekend experimenting. Ran my Five Moons in tandem with a Tascam Porta03 tape recorder. Had a small (±5s) tapeloop going on the Porta (routed to 5M input), and a few modular loops recorded on the Five Moons. Bounced it all down to one track on the 5M, and for no reason at all I wanted to try and record it AGAIN to a normal tape. To see if it altered the sound.

So I then bounced the 5M bounced track to the tapedeck, while running it through a little extra reverb as a whole. Then I thought: ‘why not go all the way and try and record this with no PC at all’, so I then recorded this ‘master tape’ straight to the Five Moons and tried to get it in as ‘hot as possible’ while avoiding clipping. The VU Meter came in mighty handy for the first time actually!

Usually I do some final touch-ups (compression, limiting, EQ) in Ableton. This ‘Ableton-less’ method costed me more time, and the mix isn’t necessarily better for it haha! Its a bit less bright, not sure if thats a good thing, but the tape also added some nice saturation as well. Fun experiment, but I’d say the DAW is easier and sounds better. But I had a good time! :smile:


New track, this time using the allmighty Microfreak and Microcosm. Recorded to Five Moons and a tape loop, the track is a live recording using the ‘bounce down’ of five moons. Some minor final touches in Ableton (EQ, comp, saturation).