5 Moons Feature Update

I love my 5 Moons for what it does. But sometimes I wish it did more :innocent:
Are there any plans on adding new features in the foreseeable future?
I would love to see

  • Change playback speed and reverse playback
  • Change sample rate and bit depth
  • MIDI over USB-C to trigger one shot samples and sync loops

It might be possible to do some of these things… a challenge is how to squeeze it into the current ui… I think some folks were already experimenting with using the VU meter button as a shift key, so maybe Shift + move slider would change speed?

USB-C MIDI might be made to work but only in device mode, so you would need to connect to a host like a computer and they could exchange MIDI messages, this should work but might require some tweaking the underlying OS. But using the USB-A connector could be an option for connecting other controllers like keyboards… this should be working already, at least the hardware, the MIDI stuff would have to be implemented in Pd.