5 Moons - Overdub mode?

Hello ! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m really on the verge to buy 5 Moons…really love the simplicity.
But the lack of Overdub mode is kinda stopping me for the moment since i like to do ambient pads or drones in my playing sessions / gigs.
Do you think the function might be implemented in the near future ?

I’m not sure how you define “overdub”, but I think that’s exactly what 5Moons does… and pretty much the only thing it does ::))

** Overdubbing (also known as layering) is a technique used in audio recording in which audio tracks that have been pre-recorded are then played back and monitored, while simultaneously recording new, doubled, or augmented tracks onto one or more available tracks of a digital audio workstation (DAW) or tape recorder. **

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Well, i was talking about classic overdub mode when you record a loop then add other elements on the same track which can blend the ending of the loop with beginning in a seamless way.
But this feature doesn’t seem to be available on 5 Moons by now, right ?

I think the specific way you describe it isn’t possible, at least in adding new elements onto the same track. However you can add new elements to other tracks and bounce them into a new single track. There are limitations to it, and I doubt you would find it to be “seamless” because of the asynchronous nature of the device - but that aspect of 5moons is a big part of why I love it.

Although i love the simplicity of 5M, I agree that a ‘straightforward’ overdub mode would be cool. It would basically give the possibility to do rhythmic stuff without the need for ‘quantization’.

Eg: do a quick four to the floor kick drum, layer a snare in overdub, and it stays perfectly in time. Right now you’d have to bounce down these two together, potentially losing some other tracks in that were in the same song etc.

Right now i limit myself to one rhythmic track per song to circumvent all this stuff, which is a fun challenge and pushes me further in sound design / ambient. But i can see myself getting tired of this approach in the future.

yep - overdubbing and layering like that takes some forethought and planning, which is suboptimal.
If I’m putting straightforward beats into a track, I do it all at once rather than try to layer it in one instrument at a time.

I too would love more free form tape looping like capabilities a la Frippertronics. So the ability control loops fading over time.