Loopy question

Hello critteristas - 1st time here but C&G lurker since many moons.

  • does the 1st recording length dictate the length of all the following overdubs?
  • if I have 4 different tracks of varying length, will they loop to their full length? (Yes I AM thinking soundscapes, if you were about to ask… :smile:)
    Cheers from the land of Switz!
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  1. there are no overdubs possible, only the different five tracks. But you cannot overdub them.

  2. yes! They can all be different length in looping. It is a perfect design for soundscapes imo :smile:

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Hmm yessss :grin:
Thank you!!

I primarily use it for soundscapeing with mono sources


I’m interested in it for soundscapes too. Can you have loops fade out so you can have an evolving bunch of loops?


The faders control the volume of your loops, so what you describe is basically what it is made for :smile: or at least, it’s exactly the thing i’ve been using (and loving) it for last months.

Ah, I guess I mean automatically. Like a tape loop that fades on its own.

But that’s a cool way to use the loopy!

as has been suggested before, it’s helpful to think of 5moons as a recorder that also loops. if you record the fades into 5moons, they’ll be that way in playback.