5 moons power bank?

Hi, I’ve been trying to power the 5 moons using a portable usb power bank, to be able to be mobile, since it’s such a wonderfully light and portable thing.

but… it doesn’t seem to like the two power banks I’ve tried - both are generic portable chargers - with both the unit doesn’t complete startup.

Anyone know whether this could work? And any particular type of power bank that should be compatible?

That’s strange… it should work pretty well with a power bank, it was worked with the ones I’ve tried. I know one of them was the Anker brand. Have you double checked the unit is powering up with the regular power cable?

Thanks! yes i thought it odd too

It powers up from the regular power outlet fine, but when I’ve plugged it into a power bank it doesn’t get all the way thru startup - the lights start flashin mg as usual but then all the lights go out.

Then when i go back to the main power outlet it does the same thing - each time I’ve got it going again by ejecting the SD card and reinserting it, a nice tip from elsewhere in this forum. So, not sure why the power banks cause this behaviour. I thought they might be the wrong spec but fwiw they work fine with my Pocket Piano

As a newcomer to these forums i must add: thanks for the amazing work!

Update: I’ve just tried it with another power bank and it seems to work!

Having tried it with various combinations of cables and power banks, its behaviour is not all consistent for me, but hopefully I’ve discovered a combination that works…