5 Moons

Hello forum folks,

      Just wondering is anyone on here having difficulties with their 5 moons device. I have mine booted up and then randomly it turns off. Anyone here who can help me would be much appreciated. 

Thank you!!!

Hi, thank you for getting 5 Moons.
It could be that the USB-C power plug needs to be firmly connected. Or that the SD card needs to be reseated - sometimes during shipping, the SD card gets jostled around. To reseat:

  1. Please power down the 5 Moons and disconnect the USB-C power cord.
  2. Locate the thin slit in the rear panel in between the USB-A and USB-C ports. The microSD card is here.
  3. Use a pin or paperclip to press in on the black SD card to eject it and it will spring out gently about 1/8". No need to fully remove the SD card from the 5 Moons.
  4. Once ejected, please reinsert it. If you fully removed the card make sure it does not fall into the enclosure! You will have to use the same pin/paperclip to press it in until you hear/feel a ‘click’
  5. Restart the 5 Moons.
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Thank you very much! I hope to have time this evening to take a look. All the very best.

Still running into difficulty with keeping 5 moons on. Still have everything plugged in and restarted it still shuts off. Please help…