Questions from a prospective Organellist and PD noob

I’m considering the purchase of an Organelle and just want to ensure it fits my musical aspirations. I plan on using it in conjunction with an Elektron Analog Four, a Nord Drum, and electric guitar.

Here’s the idea: the Nord Drum is triggered by the Analog Four’s CV outs. The Nord’s mono output and a line level guitar signal will share the Organelle’s stereo line input, and the Organelle’s stereo outputs will feed into the Analog Four’s stereo ins. Everything then comes out of the Analog Four’s stereo outputs.

-Is it tricky to split up audio processing tasks from the Organelle’s stereo in? I expect that I’ll want different processing on drums and on guitar. Often I imagine drums would simply travel through the signal path unaffected.

-Will I be asking too much from the processor if I want, say, a shoegazey guitar effect and a big drum reverb going on at the same time? Maybe I’m playing along on the Organelle’s keys as well, all while a sequence is running… am I starting to reach some limitations with these ideas?

-After building a patch in PD that features some of these routing ideas, is it pretty straightforward to copy and port a structure like this into other patches? i.e. copying in a ‘dry ins through’ structure into every patch so my drums and guitar are always sending through dry to the outputs regardless of patch? Am I going to encounter significant latency trying this?

-I’d like to send midi clock from the A4 to the Organelle with a midi to usb cable. Should I expect any complications? Anyone else already doing this?

-Aside from midi clock and midi note messages, I’d love to build sequences in the Organelle that are selected and start/stopped with midi program change messages from the Analog Four. Theoretically, one sequence for each of the A4’s 128 (per project). Is this just starting to become funny to whoever is reading this?

-Last but not least, I’d love to have the Organelle creating visuals sent out on the HDMI port. Anyone exploring this yet?

Thanks in advance for any and all responses!

There’s 1 stereo in and one patch doing something at a time. It could be quite complicated and should be able to process incoming audio and create synth stuff at the same time. Or even do different stuff with left and right audio. But overall, this is not the droid you are looking for.

I would recommend checking out the included patches, and also the patches that users have been submitting here and here. These will give you some idea of what is possible. All the stuff you mention is possible, but will require a bit of work in Pd, so I’d download Pd and try that out first.

Thanks for both of your replies! I had a feeling that almost anything is possible, but that more advanced ideas will take some serious PD know-how. I installed it to my computer yesterday and began playing with some patches with the ‘Mother’ patch. Very cool but super intimidating! Quite the rabbit hole.

A couple of follow-up questions:

-Regarding signal path - say I was interested in directing audio through the ins to the outs - what is the minimum latency I will encounter?

-In terms of mastering PD - can you recommend a best approach/resource?

Thanks again!

I’ve shared these links before, but they’re worth mentioning again.

I found these videos useful when I got started:

This excerpt from Andy Farnell’s book is quite good:

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Awesome! Thanks Sylvain!

Besides reading and learning, try to patch at least 3x times a week - and if only for 15 minutes or so. Do this for 6 weeks. This will really ramp up your skills and “thinking in PD”.