Multi-FX patches, save/load options for stage?

Hey all!
I am new here and first of all: thanks to everybody for making the organelle such a lively unit!
I am using the organelle mainly with guitar and I love some of the Multi FX patches, like my favorite one Ambient FX.
Since there is no way to save and load settings on most of the FX Patches that work great for guitar, it is impossible to use them on stage (also Spectral Delay Plus, Bubbler etc.).

It would open many doors for a live situation, if some of those patches would use the multipage menu or another save/load option. I would do it on my own, but I don´t have any clue at all how to do it.

One idea that could work great for guitarists on stage: save and load settings with the keys. Like:
Save: hold aux and press a key, or hold a key for a while.
Load: press that key.
Or: use a knob to change what the keys do: “Safe” for home. “Load” for the gig.

What do you think?

Hey @Hymnosiac

I have posted a preset system a little while a go you can try out. It is a bit big and give you many knobs, like 40 knobs and 12 toggle switches, all with presets:

Check the description on how to set it up.