Oraganelle sequencing eurorack

Anyone doing this? And if so, what are you using to interface Org to Euro? I’ve been trying to figure out how to connect my Organelle to my modular rig using an Arturia Keystep as a Mido>CV interface, without much luck so far…

Curious to hear if anyone has any suggestions on ways to accomplish this with a Keystep, if that’s even possible. I know there are a bunch of eurorack Midi>CV modules out there, just trying to save space on my rack at the moment, though I’d be interested to hear if anyone thinks a particular module works well for this use case.

Also curious to hear how people are integrating Organelle into with modular rigs in general. Lately I’ve been dialing in some killer drones using the ‘Sample Stretch’ patch, and just tuning it by ear to whatever I have cooking on the modular, in addition to playing looped samples a-la the Jerephy patch when I slave the Organelle to MIDI.

Anyhoo… Hope y’all are having a good day or night out there…

I’m sort of in the same boat as you, I use organelle sort of parallel with my eurorack, I use the keystep as my master clock (usb sends midi out to organelle, midi out to yarns across the modular), to pretty good effect with drum patches. I think to get more involved it would require something like an expert sleepers ES-8 or some other usb to cv module.

get a usb to midi cable -->Midi into a Make Noise Yarns

Cheapest would be Mutable Instruments CV Pal. I sold all my Eurorack before I got my Organelle though.

Thanks for all the replies, kind people.

I’ve considered Yarns and ES-8 (which I reckon would handle my needs and thensome). I also saw Bastl is releasing a MIDI/cv module that looks interesting. I guess it’s time to get a new module if I want to make the most of the pairing. I really wan to try sequencing my modular with the recent Turing Machine patch, which is kind of driving this for me.

seems like Bastl 1983 might be worth waiting for… the tuning feature is clutch.

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I’ve just got at Bela Salt - which runs Orac :wink:
But also has both usb device and host, 4 trigs our and 8 cv out, so one patch can work nicely as a converter++, or Turing machine :wink:

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Does the CV Pal work with the Organelle? Is the Organelle a Midi Host? Would be very nice if it integrates that way with the eurorack. I currently don’t have an organelle but hopefully soon. It’s on my list for a very long time.

(This post comes with the caveat of “Please don’t ask us to make this!” :grimacing:)

Here’s a pretty serious modification:


Don’t see why not, the Organelle is a MIDI host.

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Thank you. Now I want one.

So brutal looking wow