All USB sticks suddenly not loading

I checked the forum but didn’t find exactly the same problem. I just picked up a second-hand Organelle m. Worked fine, updated to latest firmware. Didn’t have the usb wifi adapter, so I was loading all patches via USB stick. All worked fine but suddenly, all USB it stopped working. I tried reformating the stick, reloading newly downloaded patches, re-installing firmware, and still nothing. I tried 4 different USB sticks that worked perfectly fine on other devices and did it in both slots. I live in France and not sure what to do next. I thought maybe one of the slots failed but both at the same time?

Edit: I wanted to add I opened it up to check the USB slots’ connection points and all look fine.

Edit 2: I tried to run the test in utilities. The USB slot does detect the keyboard so I’m not sure if it’s related to anything physical with the USB slots then? I did also try to re-burn the latest OS on two different micro SD card, the original one at 8gb and another Sandisk one that is bigger. Still same result, when I try to load the USB stick its as if nothing is plugged. Please help if someone can!

When you select ‘Reload’ from the the Organelle M’s storage menu, what happens?

Are your USB drives formatted and organized as indicated in the manual?