USB Nightmare

I’ve managed to convert my 8gig into a 4gig so FAT comes up as an option. I put some patches in and the Organelle M doesn’t find anything.
This is a nightmare that’s gone on for 2 days of finding the smallest USB I can in town (I bought 3 so far. I can’t fins a shop that even sells small USB’s for this synth). Why can’t you just use an ordinary FAT32?

Does anyone want to buy this synth in the UK? I’m into songwriting whereas you need to be into nerdsville just to make a noise with this…

seriously, why do some just come on here to rant, rather than asking for help politely?

you can use ExFat, in this way I can load a 64GB usb drive… big enough for you?

also makes sure you place patches in the Patches directory of the usb drive.
(this is detailed in the manual, but if you cannot see patches this is usually the issue)

also if your using an organelle-m, Id recommend you use wifi and load patches onto the SDCard, this frees up the usb slot for other uses

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I just did contact you politely and I’m having a bad weekend staying up till the early hours with no joy with this machine. Then I’m risking my life with the Corona virus walking around every shop in town to find out they don’t stock small USB’s.
Apologies if I’m absolutely raging, life is proving difficult right now as I self isolate and this Organelle M was supposed to be a therapy when instead its turned me into an old man!

Thanks for your prompt response, I only bought this thing out of respect for you. The video’s for this thing, unlike your video’s, are just hipsters sitting around making a din whilst looking hip with out of tune guitars and silliness.

as i said, you don’t need another usb stick… if you format with ExFat then larger size sticks can be used.

also if you have an organelle-m this would have been supplied with a wifi stick - why not use that? at least initially whilst you ‘get help’ ?

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ah ok, Id recommend getting/using a usb wifi stick… (C&G now supply one with new organelle-m’s) - its really a better way to work than usb drives (unless you have a particular reason to go that route)

the organelle-m is a lot less fussy about wifi sticks that the organelle-1, though the wifi stick that the organelle-1 uses is probably the best option.

anyway, for sure there are ways to use the usb drive you have already…
but make sure you put the patches in a directly called Patches, otherwise they will not be seen by the organelle.

(I assume you can see all the factory patches that are stored on the SDcard)

Sorry I meant ive bought 3 x USB sticks over the past 3 days mate!! A 32, 16 and now an 8 gig all of which didn’t work. I’ve just converted my 8gig stick into a 4 gig stick so FAT came up on the options, I got all excited to load up ORAC and then got no joy which is why vented so hard.
No excuses for my shit attitude - I have checked it at the door.

OK, you mean the WIFI stick, sorry - I bought two and neither have worked! I forgot to mention that little ditty… I’m waiting for my mate to send me it over with the USB from America as we speak. The WIFI dongle I’m trying with at the moment is an 802.11n
Thank again.

Sorry, I seem to rememeber seeing somewhere to just drop the .ZOP and .ZIP files onto the usb stick on a FAT (Not 32) and they usually show up? I’ve tried to do this but nothing is doing.

Yes the factory settings are fine but every time i hit reload nothing happens


zip and zip, also need to be in the Patches directory

the fact that when you do reload, nothing happens shows there is no Patches directory.
(if you have an empty Patches directory, then it will say ‘no patches’)

on the USB stick you have as FAT,
try creating a Patches directory. at the top level, then throw the zop/zip in there.
then hit reload, that should then give you option to install.

(you dont really need large sticks on the Organelle, as patches take up little space, and individual samples can’t be that large either - so they are not that useful)

wifi stick… need more details 802.11n is protocol, we need to know which stick it is to detemine its chipset etc.
best option is to initially try ‘Start AP’ to then see it from your pc/mac , then Start Web.
you can then use this to setup wifi to connect to an existing network if thats what you want.

(I believe this is now covered pretty well in the manual!?)

There is a special place in heaven for you, Sir!

good luck…

btw: just noticed there is a small issue with exFAT, so stick with FAT for now.
(I’ll talk to @oweno about it, as its a fairly easy fix)

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Its working and I’m officially chuffed to bits, thanks Mark

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No worries! so happy to hear the Organelle is your isolation companion, I think it will pay off!

Thanks @thetechnobear for the exFAT bug tip… wow what a pain the USB drives and filesystems can be… We’ll get it rolled into the next update.

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