Ambient guitar effects patch

I have posted an ambient guitar effects patch on Patch Storage here:

Inspired by Chords of Orion’s YouTube channel, I was wanting to get into ambient soundscapes. So turn up the feedback and drown in sound. :slight_smile:

Compressor -> Distortion -> Delay -> Reverb with a looper before the delay.

The first 6 white keys are for accessing the pages. Hold an effects page and press AUX button to bypass it (delay and reverb tails will still ring out).

The first 3 black keys are for looper functions.

An expression pedal controls volume input for swells. There is a LPF to the input as my guitar is quite noisy, there’s a slider in the main.pd file to change the cutoff frequency if it doesn’t suit anyone’s taste.

I have a MIDI guitar pedal on the way so will add some extra mappings when it arrives. :slight_smile:



cool! looking forward to trying it!

: D

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Looks great, and thanks for the clean and instructional patch layout! Very much looking fwd to trying new expression pedal with this.

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Just meant to add that I’ve added a LPF to the input as my guitar is quite noisy, there’s a slider in the main.pd file to change the cutoff frequency if it doesn’t suit anyone’s taste.

do you need expression pedal to hear something? I don’t hear any output (although input does register on the meter)

There should be a [loadbang] that sets the expression input to 1 in the absence of an expression input. Unless I’ve not set it up properly… :roll_eyes:

Having said that, tried unplugging the expression pedal here and works ok at my end. There are a few places that would kill the sound (threshold on the compressor and dry / wet balance on the looper), perhaps check there? I am also assuming that you of all people have got the volume up on the Organelle… :wink::rofl:

Does anyone else have a problem with this patch?

i’m getting a rather nice sound with my keyboard running through it.
i don’t have an expression pedal.

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Hi @ghostly606, thanks for this really beautiful patch. I can get it to work if it’s stored and accessed via external usb stick but I’ve also recently started storing patches on the internal SD and strangely enough from here I can’t get the audio out - it’s probably something simple that I just don’t know how to fix. (I have the same with the Glass FM patch so I am guessing it could be a generic issue I could easily fix in the patch myself?)
I do see audio coming in on the meter. Any ideas to help me out? (I am still learning about PD so sorry if it turns out to be a noob thing!)

Hi @jasl, thanks for the kind feedback.

I’ve not used my Organelle or Pd for about a year (life getting in the way) so I’m pretty much a noob myself these days! No idea to be honest although it sounds like something pointing to a path on the USB stick rather than a relative path. I do plan on getting back to it in the next month or so - will check it out if I have the time!

most common cause (assuming not using samples, which these aren’t?) is for sub patches to be named incorrectly due to incorrect capitalisation.

if you connect an hdmi monitor/tv to the organelle and then run the patch in X (as described in C&Gs video on patching) , you will see some errors in the console which show this.

Ive not done this, but just a quick look at the patch indicates this is going on on this patch.
you will see the the file is called “StereoDelay.pd” , yet it is referred to in the patch as [stereodelay] , rather than [StereoDelay], the easy fix is to just rename the file to all lowercase.

this issue is cause because both windows and macOS are case-insensitive, whereas linux filesystems are case sensitive … and the USB stick used a windows FAT filesystem so it could be accessed on a desktop computer for transferring files.

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thanks for your replies and help again @thetechnobear ! I opened up the patch and noticed 3 broken paths - stereodelay / dclip and reverb - due to case sensitivity as suggested so I renamed where I figured I had to and bingo - now all working as it should be - (I also opened up the GlassFM patch and took a look around and fixed that one too as that has the same issue on quite a few instances) - cheers and a very happy new year too :blush:


Good stuff @thetechnobear, thanks for stepping in.

Hi @jasl, can you upload a zip file of the fixed patch and I will get this uploaded to Patch Storage? Cheers

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Here you go! @ghostly606 (147.5 KB)



Updated! (now at v1.1)


Very cool patch. Thank you so much Grant! Only thing I missed was erasing the looper. Made a #jamuary2019 video… :cupid:


Lovely, thanks! :blush:

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I’d just like to inform that it appears to me that the updated patches made available (here and on Patchstorage) still have the described problem. I’ve just downloaded the patch from Patchstorage and had no sound output. My patches are stored in the internal sd card. After reading this thread, I still had to go to the patch folder, renamed “StereoDelay.pd”, “Dclip.pd” and Reverb.pd" to lowercase and this made the patch work.

Thank you very much to the patch author for the good work and inspiration and to all that contributed to resolving the problem.


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