Analog Out aspect ratio

Hi, I’m using Eyesy with a 4:3 Sony Trinitron via composite cable. Is there a way to change the aspect ratio of the Eyesy? Because i can’t see the entire screen on the TV, also the on-screen menu is cutted off on the sides. I think Eyesy is transmitting the image in 16:9 even with the analog out. I can’t change this via Trinitron’s menu, it only presses the image from the Eysey, but the sides cut-off is always there. HDMI out works perfectly

This is basically the same issue as Video out spec

For changed output formats you have to rework all modes.

This is incorrect. The EYESY Python modes are designed to be displayed at different resolutions, so that the modes work seamlessly on HDMI and Composite outputs.

Can you post a photo of the TV cropping the OSD? Thanks

Thanks, here is it

Thanks for the photo. Some CRT TVs have a tighter ‘safe area’ than others. I think that is what is cropping your image.

whats the model of this TV?

It’s a Sony Trinitron KV-21FQ10E. Thanks for the support, really appreciated

as far as I can tell, this model supports both 4:3 and 16:9. There is a dedicated switch on the remote for changing the aspect ratio. See down right on picture (sorry for Spanish manual)

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Yes, that button changes the “aspect ratio” only in theory. In reality, it presses the image, showing the same portion of the video, but with a wrong aspect ratio