EYESY + Splitter: Video has Sides Cut Off

I just turned on my Eyesy and the sides of the screen are cut off and most of the modes are very grainy. Is there a way to reset with the buttons? Any suggestions? I have turned it on and off and still having trouble.

Which video output are you using, composite or hdmi?

Also what device is it going into, monitor or capture card?

I think it is because I had a splitter from the hdmi to go to a TV and a projector. Is there any way to split the signal like that? Do I need a better splitter?

If you get a normal image by starting the Hypno connected directly to each of those devices then the splitter could be the issue.

It might also be that the TV and projector are set to different aspect ratios or resolutions.

I have used a cheap eBay splitter to send hdmi signal to a projector and screen so I know it’s possible.

Yes, I would agree with @Syntheist:

…It sounds like the issue you are having is due to the splitter and/or when the connected devices are turned on. HDMI devices can communicate with each other to ensure proper resolution. The splitter might have a default resolution if it does not get a signal from the EYESY or downstream devices at an appropriate time. Does your splitter’s manual mention anything about this?

I’ll check.