Anyone offering patch help and/or PD lessons for pay?

I’m thoroughly enjoying the Organelle, but after exploring quite a bit, there’s still one type of thing I wish I could do on it. Basically, I’d like to use it as a flexible looping station for sketching/jamming in a particular way. The Overloop patch is very close to what I’m looking for but is missing a couple features that would make it perfect for me.

While I’d like to get into PD, I have almost no time to learn it right now, and I imagine it would take a while to be able to make the changes I’m imagining.

Does anyone offer paid patch help? This could either be modifying a patch to add certain features or more of a lesson format (like helping a beginner like me figure out how to do it).

If you’ve heard of anyone offering this type of service, please let me know!

@shreeswifty is offering Pd lessons through his Patreon. He makes some pretty wild effects. Definitely worth checking out!

I do, via skype or other platforms. pm me for more info
I have done a multichannel / multi-meric looper with Fx and other features btw :