PURE DATA Lessons Spring 2018


Again, this semester i am going to officially start offering Pure Data Lessons for 5 students this quarter. You will get 5 lessons for 100$ or 25$ per lesson [PM ME for details]

YES, you can
1.) Pick a patch you want to learn from

2.) Reverse Engineer it with me

3.) Learn Stuff

You will install Team Viewer on your Windows Mac Machine and after the “donation” you will get one hour monthly to interface with me [more can be arranged], ask questions and get visible help [even give me control of your desktop] so i can accelerate your learning. I am only going to accept 5 students at this time.

Other Folks are selling this kind of help for like 500$ smacks – this is a service for this community only because it would be really great if more folks could edit some patches and I would love to get some of you around/over that learning curve


You can PM me for specific details & Questions